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What is U+?

U+ exists to educate, empower, and entertain young adults and connect participants who have common goals, promoting positive lifestyle choices. The goal is to create a safe environment and nurturing group that helps participants navigate the transition to adulthood by creating an opportunity for each individual to explore and develop the four key facets of their identity:

1. The Physical Self
Working on understanding what physical fitness looks like on a day to day basis to insure your physical health is an asset in your life not a handicap. We will work on establishing individual goals and then work on ways to implement them in our lives. Every session will have a physical component, that will then be translated into developing healthy habits throughout the week in the areas of cardiovascular endurance, muscular strength, muscular endurance, flexibility, and body composition.

2. The Emotional Self
Working on understanding your own personality preferences and how this knowledge is power. We will have small group discussions on topics that evolve from our individual and group work such as; complicated relationships, medias influence, and current events that affect our emotional state. We will evaluate different types of stress and various coping methods to successfully integrate into our daily lives.

3. The Intellectual Self
Working on preparing ourselves for the future; whether that be work, or some type of post secondary education. We will discuss the importance of nurturing our minds, and strengthening our decision making based upon a better understanding our ourselves. We will work both individually and collectively to make a clear plan for intellectual development throughout the sessions.

4. The Spiritual Self
Working on understanding the importance of accepting ourselves, and setting realistic and attainable goals to become the best version of who we are. We will discuss different tools to utilize when times get tough and when opportunities present themselves. We will develop our own personal meaningful connectors; identify what you enjoy and what you can share outside of yourself, we will touch upon the importance of connecting to your community through service, evaluating music’s influence on spirituality, learning about the power of human touch, and realizing we all have a need to un-plug, self reflect, and meditate.

How to Sign up for U+?

  • If you are interested in participating in a U+ session, please email Linda directly at linda@mainefitnessmomma.com.  Let me know participants name, age, sex, where from, and availability.  I will then create the class times based on the needs of those who have signed up.
  • For the most progress to be made in these sessions, ideally classes will consist of interested participants of the same gender,  from different towns, various backgrounds, but similar ages, that will meet on a regular basis for 6-8 sessions depending upon the group and their flexibility in meeting. A minimum of 12 hours of instruction will be provided.  All sessions do not necessarily meet at the USM Studio, but will begin there.
  • Once a session is established and meeting times are agreed upon by participants, you will be able to sign up and pay online through the scheduling tool Fitli. You must create your own account, then you are able to select the U+ class we have created for your group.
  • Payment per participant is $150.  Once signed up, payment is a commitment for all classes in the session.  If a class is missed there is no refund.  Every effort will be made to provide you with what you missed at that session.
  • All participants must sign a waiver on site or on-line through the scheduling tool Fitli before they are able to participate in any class.  Arrangements can be made for an alternative means of payment on a case by case basis.


Participants can park for free on one side of Falmouth St or the garage. You can park without a permit in Sullivan Gym Parking lot between 6:00 – 11 pm and from 5:00 –7 am, Monday – Friday, and on weekends or University holidays.

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