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Quincy’s Walking Cone The Cone It usually takes me about 30 minutes to wake him up each morning. He is frustrated and getting depressed so I wait until 10:00 AM to begin the process. I look at him and feel such love and compassion explode from inside and I tear up a bit. He is sprawled across his two beds that I pushed together, giving him plenty of room to move around as he sleeps
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USM Spin Studio to open this week.  Continue or join the wonderful spin community created at Quest Cycle Studio! I CAN ACCOMMODATE more classes, I just need your input.  Please email me with time you wish I had class, and I will work work on it.  Please feel free to share the calendar link and spread the word.  Thanks so much for your support!
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March 19, 2018

Meet Maine Fitness Momma!

Linda Adams Comments are off
Linda Adams Linda has over 25 Years of Teaching experience in the fitness. The studio at USM was inspired by a passion for indoor cycling and an appreciation of what a dynamic, positive and energetic spin studio can add to our lives and community. The mission of our spin classes is to create an environment that allows you to dig deeper and amplify your fitness, enrich your life and ultimately have fun doing it!
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Linda Gailius Adams

University of Southern Maine
Second floor of Sullivan Gym Building
66 Falmouth Street
Portland, Maine 04103

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